Something Fishy Here…

I am such a liar.  A fish recipe blogged every week.  Pshesh.  Well, I did the recipes and took the pictures but never blogged it.

Also, I did this:
I learned how to clean a fish.  My daddy taught me how:

Now I’m going to throw my husband under the bus here.  Sorry dear, I’ll clean the tire marks off for you…but he wouldn’t go near the area during the lesson.  He got all squeamish and mumbled something about animal cruelty (yet he had no problems eating it later).  I was feeling all good about myself.  Imagining me taking care of my family after some sort of national disaster.  Dad was showing me..I was paying close attention…then one of those “dead” fish in the sink flopped.

“Dad that fish is alive.”
“Should it be?”
“It doesn’t matter.”
“Why doesn’t it matter?”
“It’s actually easier to clean if it’s freshly-dead.”
“How will you kill it.”
“By cleaning it of course.”
“Ready for your turn?”
“Um, let me just rest a minute.”

The thought of cleaning a fish while it was alive definitely made me feel squeamish.  I considered joining Jon’s mumbling of unjustness, but the thought of the bragging rights over my husband kept me going.  I started with a verifiably (spell check tells me I made up that word…weeeee!) dead one.  Problem was, it was difficult.  It didn’t seem as easy as watching dad.  He had to finish the job before I mutilated the meat.  “Try a not-as-dead one,” dad suggests.  And truth be told it’s so much easier.  Rigor mortis sets in pretty fast making the process more difficult.  That’s why you’ll see nets of caught fish fastened to the dock emerged in the water.  Keep them alive as long as you can until you get to the chopping block.  Well, come to find out, that voice inside you screaming, “this is inhumane!” quiets after your first couple live-cuttings.

It wasn’t my night to cook and they chose to fry them.  I am terribly anti-fried foods, but I’m not going to lie, they sure did taste good.

You know, I’ve learned a few things I think I got from my dad.
1. Work ethic.  The man is always “working.”  If he’s not at work then he’s working on the house or doing some sort of project.  He enjoys work and doesn’t shy away from it (hence the bruised nail pictured above).  Also, when he gets his mind on doing a project you can’t talk him out of it – even if he’s doing it in the pitch dark.  That sounds familiar.
2. No sleep.  The man goes to bed around 10:30, is awake from 2:30am-5, sleeps from 5-6am and then is up for the day.  And that’s on a good day.
I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.  I will deny admitting that until the day I die so don’t use it against me.