I like to learn.  I come from a mother and grandmother who are both avid learners.  My grandmother takes many courses from the local college.  It’s a great, intellectual way to go about learning.  Only…it doesn’t work for me.  I love to read.  I can spend hours reading but if a teacher {or my mother} hands me a book to read, I don’t wanna.  Won’t do it.  I don’t get to choose the topic of learning or the book to read.  It seems it has to be inspired upon me.  It has to hit that little button inside of me that sends me into hyperfocus mode.

Still don’t understand?  Hmmmmm…it’s like cleaning.  I love organization and for things to be clean yet I don’t do a great job of keeping it that way.  I get the bug to clean and I will do great- go and go- but without that little bug…it just doesn’t happen.

Something will grab my attention and I will spend hours upon hours researching, reading, obsessing over it.  It can be something intellectual, scientific, spiritual, or just plain trivial.  Just as I can’t seem to force the topic, I can’t control how long it stays and goes.  Sometimes it ends at a simple wikipedia look-up but sometimes it will stay for weeks, requiring lots of visits to the library.  Often, along the road of discovery, something else will pique my interest and there I go again chasing another bunny trail.

My mother-in-law calls it hyperfocus.  Basically I get stuck on a subject until, well, I get stuck on something else.

Look.  I realize my mother will read this.  Possibly my grandmother.  Maybe my sister.  On a lunch break.  If she has nothing else to do.  I’m ok with that.  I just figure that if I spend hours learning about or doing something, I might as well write it down.  I’m convinced if I get it out of my head, maybe I will actually sleep at night.  Also, I have a horrible memory so this is my only way I will remember what I’ve learned.  Who knows, maybe my pointless research will save someone the time I’ve wasted!

So if you’ve stumbled upon my blog here are some need-to-know details about me:

1. I’m married : So yes, you may get random married gushiness.  Jon also happens to be my best friend so that works out well.  Although he doesn’t always understand my hf {hyperfocus} he’s pretty supportive of my weirdness.

2. I have 2 children : You most definitely will hear lots about them : Kadence is 3, Greg is 1.  They are inspiration to many random bunny trails.  Everyone thinks their kids are the best and I’m no exception.  So please don’t call DFS on me.  99% of the time my hyperfocus topics are explored during naptime or after they go to bed.  You know.  When I’m supposed to be cleaning.

3. I love Jesus : Luckily some of my hyperfocus leads me down paths of searching truths about God. I love those moments. And will share them.

4. I love parties : They start off simple, then a theme grabs me and my imagination goes crazy and the budget gets blown.

5. I’m crafty : Not the evil kind.  Just another stay-at-home-mom who loves to make random things (although, there again, I don’t get to choose what random things will grab my attention) and spend hours on Pinterest.  Sorry to be so stereotypical.

6. I’m wordy : Sorry.  It won’t change.  I’ve tried.  I’m stuck with it.  And to my mother’s demise, I make lots of words up (like gushiness).  And I use lots of short, incomplete sentences.  Get used to it.

Welcome to my mind.  And when I say random, I mean random.


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