Chapter Five – Devil’s Tower

Devil’s Tower was in Wyoming. Not that far of a drive. (Mom’s side note: it was a two hour drive) When we arrived at Devil’s Tower, we climbed boulders and ran the path. Devil’s Tower is a big rock which was magma that came to the surface but not all the way before it cooled. Then erosion brought it out to the surface the way we can see it today. I could tell by looking that it was bigger than Mount Rushmore. I also got my Junior Ranger Badge here too.

After that we went to Spearfish Canyon and saw a really pretty and big waterfall (I forgot the camera in the car). I felt the water and it was cold. I forgot but before that, we stopped at Bridal Veil waterfall. The water was the same temperature there as well. I was trying to get across the stream but unfortunately my foot fell in and got soaked. And that made it very uncomfortable.

It was a very fun day.


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