The Literal Meaning of Everything

Kadence is now halfway through her first year of preschool. She goes MWF for 2.5 hours and it has grown her up quicker than I expected. She was already a pretty confident, independent child but this school interaction on her own has seemed to accelerate the process, which is good since she will be going into Kindergarten next year. At least, I think it’s good. Part of me wants to grab her and hide under a rock for awhile. I will see moments where she seems insecure about her hair or is sad about something a kid said to her at school and that home under the rock starts looking really luxurious. Then I remind myself that these are the important moments for me to grasp and teach her what’s important, what God thinks about her, and the basics of how to survive in this world.

Anyways, since she’s started preschool she feels empowered by her knowledge and likes to challenge what I know (which surprisingly enough doesn’t bother me- I think it’s kind of fun). She thinks deeper about things and tries to make sure I know what I’m talking about. Conversations like today’s are taking place more frequently.

Kadence, playing with toys while I’m washing some dishes, out of the blue says: Mom, you shouldn’t talk about choking, that’s not very nice.
Me: Huh? I didn’t realize I talked about choking.
Kadence: All the time you say, okey dokey artey-choking.
Me: Oh, I’m not saying artey-choking but artichokey. An artichoke is a vegetable.
Kadence: But why do you talk about vegetables all the time?
Me: It’s just a silly way to say okay. Nanny used to say it to me when I was little.
Kadence: But Mom, Nanny is a little crazy.
Me: This is true. Just remember, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
Kadence: Now you want to talk about apples? You’re kinda crazy too.
Me: My point exactly.

I love this age.


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