Canterbury Tales

(Post #4 on our trip to England)

I loved Canterbury.  With it’s old city walls, cobblestone and shop-lined streets, for me it was classic England.  I had a great time going into little boutique shops and dodging the hordes of French students on field trips.

That Oil & Vinegar shop in the background was awesome!  It had tons of different types of, well, oil and vinegar, on tap!  There must not be a lot of foodies around that area because it was closing down but it was really neat and I had never seen anything like it.

One of the gates into the city.

Pam told us that she used to work outside the cathedral gate at a fancy little tea house.  Now it’s a Starbucks.  Darn you Starbucks and your McDonald-ized coffee!  I would have loved to have gone to the tea house.  With our lack of coffee in the mornings, the Seattle siren called out to us with her coffee smell, but we resisted well and found ourselves a more local coffee shop to sit and sip at.  We knew Sean would be proud.

I was interested to see what type of brew methods coffee shops use in England, but coffee shops in England don’t brew coffee.  To them, a coffee is one of the drinks made with espresso.  Where I do enjoy a latte here and there, I pretty much prefer brewed coffee.  I don’t claim to know much more than the little bit my brother, Sean, has shown me (he is an expert) in the ways of coffee, but I do have more of an appreciation for it than a gas station or fast food joint can offer you.  But while in Rome (England), do what the Romans do (drink tea instead of coffee).

Now for the grand finale of our Canterbury tale, the Canterbury Cathedral.

This was a historical delight for me.  I went through a hyperfocus stage on Queen Elizabeth (but went from Henry VIII to Queen Elizabeth), so to be in the cathedral that Henry VIII attended was such a treat!

Go to Canterbury.  I liked it.  Jon liked it.  We think you will too.


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