Calling at Pluckley!

(Post #1 on trip to England)

It was my favorite announcement on the train ride from London to Dover.  I’m not one that is easily impressed or underimpressed (good ole Jenism) by accents.  It’s amazing to me how a lot of Americans can be wooed by an intelligent-sounding British or Australian accent or completely annoyed and bothered by a Mexican or Indian accent.  How a person can be determined by the sound of their words makes no sense to me.

But then again, I despise the twangy story telling of country music.  So I guess that’s pretty hypocritical.  Not even giving the song a chance as soon as I hear the way the banjo sings it’s notes…

However, when the lady came over the intercom announcing, “Calling at Pluckley,” I giggled to myself.  I have no idea why.  It just struck me funny.  Later, while watching BBC we hear how Pluckley is the most haunted place in England.  Oooooh.

Each night I blogged about that day of my trip.  However, we had extremely limited access to internet so they never got sent.  That’s a good thing.  My sister won’t even read my blog because it’s too lengthy and she’s my best friend.  So yeah.  As a writer I have a long way to go.  When I got home I couldn’t even read through my posts without getting too tired to go on.  I can do better than a simple, Day 1, upchuck. I must find a way to condense and summarize while still preserving the moments I want to remember (let’s face it by this time next year it will be a faint image, darn you horrible memory).  But for some reason I also want each post to be a little insight about me…and for me it’s a recollection of what has happened that makes me, me.  So the bunny trails, like my lack of appreciation for accents and hatred of country music are just bonus bits that are mostly for myself to remember (well heck, this whole blog is that!).

I’m going to do a little series to keep from one lengthy post, focusing on the Travel, the Food, the History, the People, and the Land.  I will try my best to keep it mostly pictures and not so many words.  But who am I kidding?  I just wrote an entire post about how I was going to write posts so there’s not much hope for me yet.

Here’s a picture to make this post worth your time.  🙂

Sunset in Dover


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