Come along with me-

So this is how I thought the whole blogging thing would go:

1. Jen gets a hyperfocus.

2. Jen creates draft as Jen goes along in it.

3. Jen publishes post once hyperfocus is finished.

One hyperfocus {and a bunny trail} into it and I already don’t like that format.  Too much Jen.  Besides you are brilliant, funny, and helpful.  You could help me in my hyperfocus.  I’m gleaning information from someone.  It might as well be you.  So this is your formal invitation to come along with me.

Current hyperfocuses:

Currently reading –

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen.

I’m going to be honest with you.  I’m 3 chapters in and it hasn’t really captured me.  I’m going to give it a few more chapters before I throw in the towel.  A friend of mine has this curse where she has to finish a book even if she hates it.  Not me.  If it doesn’t push that button then I have no problems returning it with a bookmark still in it {bookmark=random piece of scrap paper near me at the time}.  I haven’t seen the movie.  Have you read this or seen the movie?  If so give me some encouragement to keep going.  Or save me some time by telling me to scratch that idea.  Or join me and we can be a bloggy bookclub!

Listening to-

Storyboards by Sleeping at Last

This one has to annoy the poo out of Jon.  He has liked them for years {and that’s not an exaggeration}.  I didn’t really care for them before.  I thought it was “too mellow.”  Now I have kids.  “Too mellow” doesn’t exist anymore.  I crave mellow.  I have to be honest with you on this subject of music.  Everyone LOVES music.  It’s cool to LOVE music.  I don’t.  Ok don’t unsubscribe yet {mom}.  I like music and enjoy music but I LOVE quiet.  Jon is often confused when he comes home in the middle of the kids naptime and there is absolutely nothing on in the house {besides maybe the computer}.  No sounds.  No lights.  That’s the way I like it.  I also don’t get to listen to music in the car.  Kadence cried during every single car trip her entire first year {no matter how long or short the trip}.  She HATED the car.  Then on a magical trip to FL {a few months after her first birthday} we borrowed my mother-in-law’s portable DVD player.  And not one tear.  I almost cried myself.  I tore down those my-kid-won’t-watch-tv-in-the-car walls {correction I blew the walls up} and ran out and bought one for the car.  Result: Now it’s on every time we’re in the car.  I made my bed and am sleeping in it.  Sometimes, if they fall asleep, I turn the DVD player off and the radio on.  Unfortunately I spend the whole time trying to find a decent radio station {yet to find one in Stl that I fully like!}.  So anyways, I can’t really say I LOVE music because I choose not to listen to it most of the time.  I am enjoying this album, however, when I can’t sleep at night.  I just slip the earbuds in and listen to this “too mellow” album.

Hyperfocus side note:  Go ahead and buy the physical CD.  Their cover art is awesome.  They are always watercolor paintings done by Geoff Benzing.  I love them.  I want to buy one of his paintings.  But they cost monies and lots of them {rightfully so}.  Have you heard of Sleeping at Last?  What’s you’re “too mellow” music?  Do you watercolor paint?  Can you paint me a nature-y picture like these?  😉


Some of you may have recently seen me post on facebook about the best explanation/teaching on the baptism of the holy spirit I have ever heard.  It was at a new member course at our new church.  It really stirred me to read more about it and so I am.  When I ever get to publishing this post please don’t annihilate me with your brilliance in theology.  I’m just a humble little nobody learning what I can.  Besides I stink at debating.  So if you want to debate I’ll give you my brother Will’s number.  After saying that, I do want to hear your thoughts.  And if any of you know of some good books {or sermons} on the subject, send them my way.

During the Day-

Kadence and I are doing a letter a week.  We are on D.  I’m having lots of fun coming up with activities.  Correction.  I’m not really “coming up” with ideas.  I’m gleaning ideas from lots of different websites and putting them together.  I feel inclined to post them.  It’s fun as moms to share what we do.  Maybe others can glean from my gleaning.  When I post these I will do my best to link them back to the source {as long as I remember where!}.  I have no interest in stealing other people’s ideas…just modifying them. 😉  This all came about because Kadence told me one day that she wanted me to teach her to read.  It’s really scary when your child asks you to teach them something and your brain flat-lines.  Especially when your kid is 3.  What the poo {you can see this is my exclamation of choice} am I going to do when she is older?  A lot of googling, that’s what.  Anyways, I just looked at her and thought…uuuuuuuh….how do I do that?  She already knows her letters by sight so I figured the next step was to teach her the sound they make {along with a little handwriting practice}.  I also ran to the computer and requested some books on how to teach a child how to read to be put on the BM.  😀  So if you come across any good activities for letters D-Z send them my way!  How did you teach your kid to read?

Movie I want to go see-

The Help.  This is another odd Jenniferian way.  I hate going to the movie theater.  My hubby talked me into letting him buy this giant TV and bluray player.  Result: I always want to lay on my couch, eat my preferred white cheddar popcorn, drink beer, while covered in my embarrassing {but brilliant} blanket.  Besides.  We could buy the movie for what it costs for Jon and I to go see it.  Nonetheless, I want to go see this movie.  I don’t feel like waiting.  So mom, jump on your chance to get me to go to the theater with you!  I want to read the book too.  Should I do that first?  Nah, it would probably be gone by then.  Have you seen the movie or read the book?  Did you like it?  Save me money if it’s not any good.


I’m on this fish kick.  I’ve always loved fish {well at least in my adult life} but I’m on this kick of trying all kinds of new fish recipes out.  I also desperately want my dad to teach me how to clean them.  I mean I live on a lake for goodness sake.  Buying fish at the store just feels…stupid.  I want to post my fish recipe journey along with the smelly business of cleaning them and the crazy awesome health benefits of eating fish.  Now that it’s not so hot we can do more fishing too!  My goal is to make a dinner that my brother Tommy likes.

There you have it.  A little glimpse of what’s happening.  Join me?


8 thoughts on “Come along with me-

  1. I saw The Help with my mom over Labor Day weekend. It didn’t live up to the hype and buzz that was going around Page H.S., but it was still alright. I think the book would probably be better. I heard it’s more depressing, but that probably means it’s even more realistic.

    So there you have my review. =)

  2. I saw the movie “Water for Elephants” with Grandma. I really liked the movie. But I haven’t read the book. I am glad that you take your books back to the library when you can’t finish them. I seriously applaud that. Not every book is for everyone and there is a lot to read out there and you shouldn’t waste time on stuff that doesn’t captivate you. I’m also glad because I always pretend I am going to finish them, so on my bedstand I have (seriously, no exaggeration) about 15 books that are half read. I may finish some, or maybe one, or probably none because it seems that once it hits the wall side of the night stand it can stay there until I paint the room again – which is happening as soon as I finish “Brothers and Sisters” – my HF and your fault. That’s another story.

    On the music (since you pointed a finger at me…) I didn’t listen to the popular music of the time or much of anything at all in the 80’s. It was around ’92 that I started listening again. I listened to a channel advertised as “the best mix of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. I could not tell the difference between the 80’s and 90’s at that time, it was all new to me. But during the 80’s I did get into an HF on classical music and used to check out records (yes vinyl 🙂 ) from the library. It was spotty though and for the most part I listened to “Bull Frogs and Butterflies”.

    Hmmm…I remember teaching a couple of kids to read.

    I really wish I had read this before last weekend because I’m sure if you had tried you might have been able to tear Caris away from her paint stripping for a couple of hours and the three of us could have gone to see the Help on Saturday (I would have even treated) but I really haven’t heard of it. Did you end up seeing it?

    If you can find a fish recipe that Tommy will even “try” much less “like”, please please please let me know.

  3. I’ve recently realized that every book on earth seems to be a “New York Times Best Seller.” Does the NYT just look at the best selling book of every day of the year and put its name on it? I want to write a book and have New York Times Worst Seller advertised on the top, because surely one day of that book’s life, that statement would be true.

      • – all the way at the bottom – basically it’s a weekly report done from bookstores around the country. If you read the description, it definitely seems like a flawed system. It really doesn’t say much about whether or not a book is going to be good, does it? I can honestly say I’ve never looked at a book and thought, “well it’s a NYT bestseller so it’s going to be good.” I have, however, looked at a book that was proudly stamped as part of the O Club and thought, “oh nevermind.” What can I say. I’m not an Oprah fan…

  4. I’ve had both those thoughts in the past – NYT Best Seller – I’ve thought – “Aren’t they all?” and when I see the O Club stamp, I don’t want to read it either.

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