No, this isn’t a post about poop.  Although, it wouldn’t be a shocker to my family if I blogged about poop.  It would be very Jenniferian to do, as I’ve written many verses and poems on the subject.

However, in my blogs BM always stands for bookmobile.  When I moved from Spring Hill, TN out to never never land Missouri, I was immediately saddened by the distance of the libraries.  Where I used to be 5 minutes from the library {where my children and I went weekly} I was 25 minutes from a library.  And not only that but they had absolutely nothing for the kids to do there {I even ventured 45 minutes to look at the Warrenton library which also had nothing for kids to do}.  Then I found out about the bookmobile.

Every other Thursday from 2-4pm, the bookmobile parks itself right outside the gates of Lake Sherwood.  Inside are some shelves of books.  But even more amazing is that I can go on the Scenic Regional Library website and request any book I can think of {not true- I already found a couple titles that they didn’t have} to be put on the BM and driven to me.  At first I laughed at such a silly thing.  Now, I feel very royal.  Why of course Connie, these are the books I requested.

Kadence also enjoys it, although she thinks it’s very sad that they won’t give her a ride.  So without further ado, the bookmobile:

Librarian Connie is at the desk at the end!


3 thoughts on “BM

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  2. Wow, I wonder if I could drive to a book mobile since I am no longer allowed in a library in the state of Missouri since I have a serious inability to return library books (I can’t return movies either).

    Someday, when I buy that old furniture store on Elm and Second Street, I am going to open a book store like the one in “You’ve Got Mail”. I will have a story time and all kinds of activities for kids. Well, that’s the dream that’s in my pipe anyway.

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